3D Abstract Colorful Ink Pattern Wall Murals 207


Wall murals and wallpapers are an easy and cost-effective way to update the look and feel of any room in your home. With so many options, deciding on the perfect design can be overwhelming. Whether you're looking for living room wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper, or even photo wallpaper for your child's room, the possibilities are endless.

Traditional (Classic) Wallpaper Features(non-woven paper)
* Matt Surface
* Removable
* Washable
* Compatible with many surfaces
* Durable
* Glue required

Peel and Stick Vinyl Features
* Removable, reusable, leaves no residue after removing
* Matt and Smooth Surface
* Cleanable
* Easy Installation. Just peel and stick
* Durable

Premium Self-adhesive Canvas (please contact us to order this material)
* Thick and strong material
* Luxury fabric finish
* Removable, reusable, leaves no residue after removing
* Matt and Smooth fabric Surface
* Cleanable
* Easy Installation. Just peel and stick
* Durable


The surfaces on which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned and must not contain dust, oil any contamination that may affect the adhesion of the material. Newly polished painted surfaces should be allowed to dry for at least three weeks and cure completely. Also, textured surface paint can cause poor adhesion.



Customize Size Avaiable, please contact us.
  • Self-Adhesive Canvas: Experience top-tier image quality with our canvas material, featuring a sophisticated matte finish. This durable, waterproof, and easy-to-maintain option enhances any image.

  • Vinyl Wallpaper: Choose our vinyl for a sleek, semi-gloss appearance. Its self-adhesive property, coupled with waterproof and washable traits, makes it an effortless choice for dynamic spaces.

  • Non-Woven Paper: Our high-quality, thick non-woven paper provides a classic matte look and requires wallpaper paste for application. It's removable, wall-safe, and an ideal choice for renters and diverse wall types.

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Dive into a world of custom-printed wallpaper beauty, crafted with precision in Melbourne, Australia. Tailor-made to fit your space's unique dimensions, our eco-friendly wallpapers bring modern elegance and durability to any environment.

At Jess Art Decoration, we're committed to customer satisfaction, offering wallpapers that are not only visually stunning but also a sustainable and lasting addition to your decor. Experience our dedication to beauty, sustainability, and durability.

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