3D Bedroom Wallpaper Australia

A 3D bedroom wallpaper is a wall décor item that effectively adds the illusion of depth and draws attention. Such types of wallpapers have the ability to transform any wall as soon as they are installed and also contribute to the overall appearance of the room. If you are interested in adding more creative elements to your bedroom, you can choose Jess Art Decoration’s bedroom wallpaper in Australia. Our wallpaper products give the best impression and help hide wall imperfections and spots. With high-scratch resistance and attractive designs, you will be making a long-term investment when you choose to install a 3D wallpaper in your bedroom.

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Get a Great Accent Finish with 3D Bedroom Wallpapers

We bring exclusive designs created according to the latest interior design trends in Australia. Our collection of 3D wallpaper is different from any wall décor product you’ll find on the internet. Unlike ordinary wallpapers, our 3D bedroom wallpaper creates a realistic effect whether you go for a floral print, landscape image or any other imagery. We help our customers choose their favourite designs, patterns and colours that will add a contemporary touch to their bedroom’s interiors. You can use the 3D wallpapers to suit your style and the architecture of your home.

What Makes Our 3D Bedroom Wallpaper Special?

At Jess Art Decoration, our wall décor products are all about the intricate design details. Based on your requirements and style preference, you can select a 3D bedroom wallpaper and create a striking visual effect by incorporating other elements such as lighting and furniture placement. Whether you choose a floral wallpaper print or a brick wallpaper print, every design will add to the overall look and appearance of your bedroom. You can choose from our 3D textured wallpapers to add both dimension and warmth to your and your kid’s bedroom.

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Bedroom Wall Mural

With a 3D bedroom wall mural, you can get a wall décor solution that offers practical and long-term benefits. Our wall murals are made from colours that don’t fade away. They have high resistance to wear and tear and don’t come off or break easily. They can be installed on walls without any hassle, making them the perfect solution for all your wall decor needs. We at Jess Art Decoration ensure that the wallpaper of your choice is installed properly and offers a seamless look. Every wallpaper is designed to match your home’s interiors. We assist our clients by assessing their requirements and creating a customised plan for 3D home décor.

Want to uplift your bedroom’s decor and make it more contemporary? Our 3D bedroom wall mural is an effective interior design solution that will definitely make your bedroom’s interiors stand out. Discover our stunning 3D wallpaper designs to style your bedroom’s interiors.


The colour is coming off when I wipe the wallpaper?

The bedroom wallpapers that we offer here are printed using eco inks. A binding solution is added to the ink so that the colours remain fast. However, if you rub hard or use cleaning solutions, the binding ability may be compromised and the colour may come off. Darker shades require more care than lighter ones and the probability of coming off is higher.

How to choose wall art for your bedroom?

If you are choosing bedroom wallpaper, there are several factors that require consideration. • Size is vital and you can go for a piece that is two-thirds of the width of the bed. • Ensure an even distribution of weight and you can achieve this by using similar-sized pieces. • Choose a colour that does not clash with the colour of the room. • To create a cosy feel, you can choose colours like blue. • For a happy vibe, a yellow shade will work. • Choose a wall art that reflects your unique style. • Go for a pattern that you like and reflects your bedroom mood.

Will my wall be damaged when I remove the mural to redecorate it?

The mural will not damage the wall when the guidelines for removal are followed. Also, you paint need to be a good standard . Our range of bedroom wallpaper is specifically designed to ensure that there is no damage to the wall upon removal.

What wallpaper paste should I use?

Most pastes available in the market are of the same quality and suitable for bedroom wallpaper application. You can buy wallpaper paste from a trusted hardware store or wallpaper shop.