Map – Wall Mural

World Map Wallpaper

Want to infuse the spirit of exploration and adventure in your living area? Then, deck up a wall with a world map mural.

When it comes to interior décor, there are very few design elements that blend the charm of the old world with the perspective of the new world as beautifully as a world map wallpaper.

The best part is that no matter what the overall look of your home is, a feature wall created with map wallpaper looks just as stunning when juxtaposed against contemporary and modern décor as it does when coupled with traditional, minimalistic, industrial, or other styles.

Bring the world of your dreams into your home with a world map mural

At Jess Art Decoration, we have a wide range of map wallpaper for you. From the elegant yet striking sepia-toned designs that offer a vintage look to continents done up in an array of pastels that add just the right amount of colour to a white room, we have them all.

And since it is your world in your home, it should be just as you want it to be. So, why stop at continents, oceans, and countries when you can turn jejune geography into loads of fun?

Your corner of the world done your way!

Of course, we have traditional political, nautical, thematic, and topographical world map designs for geography lovers and travel enthusiasts.

But, we also cater to the tastes of our more discerning clients- Kids! For the little ones, we have world map mural with cartoons, animals, hot air balloons and airplanes, bikes, and other forms of transportation. After all, kids should have fun as they learn!

And, if you are one of those people who feel that home is where the heart is and the world is where the home is, we’ve got just the thing for you too. With a 3D digitally printed map wallpaper from Jess Art Decoration, you can always put the focus on your own city, country, or continent.

So, choose from our map-themed collection or contact us right away for a customized design.

Either way, the next time you have guests over, they won’t stop marvelling at the new addition to your home décor.