Floral – Wall Mural

Flower Wallpaper & Floral Wall Murals

Floral wallpaper has been a favorite of design-conscious homeowners for centuries, and it is easy to understand why. Whether opting for a large floral wallpaper with scaled-up petals, or an elegant leaf wallpaper, the designs bring sophistication and drama to your walls. With many flower varieties to choose from; including roses, sunflowers, orchids, and daisies; it is really easy to choose a floral wall mural that fits perfectly with your existing furniture and accessories. Big flower wallpaper is a great option if you are looking for a feature wall in a living room or statement nursery, whereas the smaller scale, detailed, floral patterned wallpaper designs are perfect for wrapping small bathrooms, or young kids bedrooms. Whether you like modern, light and bright rooms, or heritage dark and moody living spaces, there is something floral for you.