General Wallpaper Information

How wide are the wallpaper strips?
Our wallpaper strips come in drops. This is slightly wider than normal wallpaper which makes the hanging process quicker and gives a better final finish.

How will my wallpaper arrive?
Your wallpaper will arrive on a roll that is sectioned off into vertical drops that fit your wall height. These drops are simply matched up overlap to each other on the wall to create the full finished mural.

Which paper is most suitable for me?
You can Click Here to view detailed information on which paper is most suitable for you.

Customising Your Mural

How will  know what my mural looks like before ordering?
When you send an order enquiry to us, we will come back to you within 24 hours with an email including a proof image showing how your wallpaper mural will look on your wall. If you need any changes making at this point then you simply need to let us know, and if you are happy with it and wish to proceed then payment can be made and we will print your wallpaper right away.

Can I customise my mural?
Most of our wallpapers are customisable. We can alter colours, make images black and white, add company logos, text and much more. If you would like to customise your mural then please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and our designers can help.

How long will my wallpaper take to arrive?
Please Click Here for more shipping details

Are the colour seen on screen accurate?
The colours shown on screen can vary to the received product. There can be some variation between computer monitors which is worth bearing in mind due to brightness and colour intensity, however this is usually very minimal. If you have any specific concerns about colour matching, we can provide a printed sample for you before you make the final order.

Colour variances between prints?
As our printers go through regular cleaning cycles, please note that there can be colour variances between samples and the actual order you receive. This is also applicable if you need to order an additional paper due to a mistake in your wall measurements.

Installation & Fitting

Should I book a decorator prior to receiving my mural?
As all of our murals are custom made and printed once and order has been paid for. We recommend that all customers wait until they receive their mural prior to booking a decorator. Once your mural arrives, please check your mural prior to installation to ensure that everything has arrived as ordered.

What adhesive should be used to hang the wallpaper murals?
A standard ready mix wallpaper adhesive should be used. This is available in all DIY stores.

How do I install the wallpaper?
The hanging process is is much the same as hanging normal wallpaper, using normal wallpaper paste, and matching each drop of wallpaper to the next until the mural is complete. A full detailed step by step guide is included with every purchase, which explains the simple hanging process in full, making it very simple even for a novice. You can also view a brief installation guide Here

Measuring Your Wall

Should I give exact wall dimensions?
Yes you should. We need your accurate measurements and then we will print your wallpaper slightly larger to account for any uneven walls or minor measuring errors.

What do I do if I have a sloping wall or a wall that isn’t square or rectangle?
If your wall is an unusual shape then this is not a problem. You simply need to measure the widest and tallest part of your wall to get the height and width. When you come to hang the wallpaper, you simply need to trim away the excess paper. 

Image Size Requirements and Supplying Artwork

View our guidelines on supplying images and artwork

1. Images Must Be Large. In order to print large wallpaper murals, we need large hi resolution images, ideally full size at a minimum of 100dpi. The best thing to do is email your image to us at jess@jessart.com.au and we can tell you straight away whether your image is suitable or not.

2. Images Must Be Clear. If you have a small image, you can’t simply enlarge it because this will make it go blurry, so as well as being a good size, your image must also be nice and clear to get the best quality print.