Non-woven Paper




Please read these instructions carefully before you start to install your wall mural.

Before you Begin - Wall Preparation

To install on Plaster

Preparing the wall is the most important part of the process. Ensure the wall is properly prepared and that it is clean and dry with no loose plaster or contami- nants. The wall MUST be smooth and free from any texture. You MUST size your wall with a good quality primersealer. This will help seal a porous surface.

To Install on a Painted Wall

We recommend that you install over matt emulsion paint only. If you have an old painted wall with some loose or flaky paint we recommend that you cor- rectly prepare the surface and then size your wall with a primersealer before installing. If your wall has been freshly painted, please allow 2 to 3 weeks drying time before installing your mural. Sizing the wall before installation is recommend.

Paper Surface

Remove any old paper. If not, the new wallpaper may not stick down properly. Do NOT use lining paper underneath this mural.


Please check your entire mural carefully before you begin to install. Lay the panels out and leave to rest for at least 5 hours.


•Do not pre-trim your mural before installing.
•Do not rub the mural surface vigorously during installation and overwork the seams.
•We recommend that two people install this mural together to help achieve the best results.
See next page for 'Getting Started'

What You'll Need

Wallpaper adhesive, roller and tray, tape measure, spirit level, pencil, smoothing brush,Stanley knife/cutting knife, straight edge (for trimming) and a damp cloth.


Getting started

•The wall mural is supplied in 'panels: Carefully unpack each of the panels and lay them out in order.
•Start from the left or right and work from a straight plumb line.
•Please ensure your wall has a smooth, clean and dry surface that is free from any fixtures or loose plaster or paint. If your surface is dry and absorbent, you may need to paint it or seal it with a primer-sealer. Important - please read "Before you Begin - Wall Preparation'
•We advise that you sponge or spray the wall with water prior to installing the panels to ensure the wall is perfectly clean and ready for your mural.

Additional panels

•Remembering to paste the wall first,apply the second and subsequent panels, ensuring the pattern or image matches up as you go and that the ap-propriate amount of bleed runs over the top and bottom edges. Our panels are applied 2cm overlap.
•When overlap gently slide the panel into position and adjust as appropriate.Ensure the panels are well matched.
•Follow the same process of smoothing the panel, ensuring this is done very gently so as not to move the panel, once it is correctly in place.

Installing the first drop

•Have your panels laid flat on a clean surface.
•This wall mural requires you to paste the wall and the paper. *Use a medium pile paint roller to apply the paste to the wall, pasting only one drop/panel area at a time.
•Carefully apply the wall mural panel to the pre-pared surface taking care not to squeeze the adhesive out at the edges.
•Slide the panel into position so it meets your vertical guideline, with the extra bleed to the top, bottom and side, running over the edges.
•Ideally using a smoothing brush or damp sponge, very gently press your panel against the wall, starting at the top. Continue with this to gently smooth out all the wrinkles and bubbles, with out applying too much pressure.
•Continue to apply all middle panels before in- stalling the last panel, which should be your far left or far right panel, depending on which side you started.

Trim ton, bottom and side

•When all panels have been installed, carefully trim the top and bottom of your panels plus the far left and far right sides, using a straight edge Don't rush this and ensure you have sharp blade to achieve the best results.
•Once complete use a damp sponge or cloth to remove any excess paste.
*You could also Double-cut the overlap and make it butt to butt.