A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper Size

Many of us are familiar with this situation. Right away, your eyes are drawn to the immaculate wall mural wallpaper or wallpaper peel and stick, but you have no idea how to measure your walls accurately!

This guide is meant to be helpful, so don't be alarmed. We'll help you measure your walls precisely so you can apply a modern peel-and-stick wallpaper or a more traditional paste-the-wall look. Let's get started and prepare your area for that amazing makeover!

Ready to Take Your Wall Measurement?

Accurate measurements are essential when choosing wallpaper. You definitely want to avoid situations where wallpaper or panels don't match the size of your walls due to inaccurate measurements.

To measure your walls, what do you need? assemble a pencil, paper, tape measure, and level. And never forget to measure everything precisely by taking measurements in inches!

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Measurements for a Rectangular Wall

Commence at the Top: Measure the width of the wall at the top, from end to end, using your measuring tape.

Verify Your Height: Take a height measurement against the wall's left and right sides.

Calculate the Bottom: Because it can differ from the top, measure the width at the bottom of the wall. For computations, always utilize the largest measurement available.

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Measurements for a Slanted Wall

Measure from the highest and widest points on slanted walls to make sure your wall mural wallpaper covers the entire space.


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How to Measure an Obstacle-Rife Wall

When a wall has openings like windows or doors, first measure the wall's overall height and width. Accurately cutting the wallpaper peel and stick during installation is made possible by this total measurement.

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Measuring More Than One Wall

Depending on your preference, you can measure each wall separately for a wall mural or combine their widths to order a single large piece if you're decorating multiple walls.

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Calculating the Required Amount of Removable Wallpaper

Having obtained your measurements, how do you calculate the required amount of wallpaper? Here's a simple technique:

Determine the Panel Quantity

Determine the number of panels required by dividing the total width by 24 or 35 inches. Continually round to the next whole number.

Ascertain the Panel Height

To the nearest standard size, your wall's height can be rounded up to 48, 96, 108, or 120 inches.

For example, the following would be required if your wall is 132 inches wide and 84 inches high:

Width: 132 divided by 24 is 5.5, which is rounded to six panels.

Height: approximately 84–96 inches.

Consequently, six panels measuring 24 inches wide by 96 inches high would be ordered.

Selecting the Appropriate Mural Size

To get the closest size available for a wall mural, round your width and height measurements. For instance, you would order a mural that is 140 inches wide by 100 inches high for a wall that is 132 inches wide and 96 inches high.

These guidelines will help you choose the ideal wall mural wallpaper or wallpaper peel and stick for your house, guaranteeing a flawless installation and lovely finish.